The “Red Lion Project” Is a place to clear your mind. It is dedicated to our son, Joseph “Joey” Logan and his five buds.

Joey’s dream started when he was a senior in high school. We talked to him about our time in the military years before and were not surprised when he told us he had enlisted in the Marines on the delayed entry program. He worked hard to maintain his strength and build his endurance during weekend training. Like all things in life he was tested and his test was life changing. He had an accident that severed nerves, tendons, and muscle in his hand. After months of therapy, his hand wasn’t responding. He saw his dream of a military career fade and then depression set in. His dad seeing the problem took him on a three month fishing trip. His dad saw that Joe’s hand was improving daily and then one day Joe realized it too. It was now time to join the ranks of the Marine Corps.

Joe realized that his time with his dad had been a healing time and he hadn’t even known it. Of all the places that they went during those three months, Montana was the place that made the biggest impression. One day Joe called his dad and said he wanted them to buy a piece of land together. It wasn’t long after that Joe told us he was going back for a second tour in Afghanistan. [He was taking a married man’s place]. His helicopter went down in the Helmland Province during that second tour in Afghanistan [January 2012], but his dream will still be realized.

clark fork riverThe property is 164 acres completely surrounded by 3150 square miles of National Forest. The land is located in Mineral County, Montana about 8 miles from the small town of Superior which provides stores for supplies that one might need. For more of your essential needs the city of Missoula is located approximately 60 miles east on interstate 90. The major airport is also in the city of Missoula.

The Clark Fork River is located only three miles from the property, as well as hundreds of mountain streams and lakes for fishing and canoeing adventures. Also there is an abundance of wildlife including Elk, Deer, Moose ,Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Wolves and Bears.

CabinWe are Building six cabins, one for each of the six fallen heroes that went down in the accident that night. The cabins are for the use of returning soldiers and their families, as a place to heal, reconnect and ease the stresses of returning home. Or just to find ones sense of self.



Horseback riding
Panning for gold
Observing the wildlife
Use your imagination